Good backups are good responsibility.

Simple events may wipe out years of business in the blink of an eye.

Most businesses lack appropriate policies for preserving their data against unexpected scenarios such as compromised systems, hardware failures, accidental deletions among others.

Yorokobi does automatic backups of your site databases. We currently support PostgreSQL with multiple Linux distributions.

It's hard to plan the right measures.

Backup policies need to be done the right way. Multiple actions need to be considered. You need reliable backups performed regularly with no errors. You need copies outside their physical location to prevent risks of fires, natural disasters or theft. You need them to be secured enough. You need to get them easily when needed too.

Taking complete care can become easy.

Enter Yorokobi. We take complete care of doing your backups automatically and secure ensuring a high level of prevention against the potential risk of losing your data. You don't need to worry about what can go wrong. We do instead, and well.

Yorokobi (よろこび) means joy in Japanese. Using Yorokobi you get peace of mind for your business. In peace, you find joy.

Daily automatic backups.

Install the Yorokobi Agent in your web server and it will begin performing automatic daily backups of your website and application data. It works so seamless you won't even notice is running.

Retain all your copies up to 30 days and browse them by date through the Yorokobi dashboard. You can always get any copy you need.

Distributed, secure & encrypted.

Backups are encrypted and securely stored in Yorokobi infrastructure which uses AWS and are securely distributed among different locations.

Get alerted when something goes wrong.

Imagine periodically checking your backups to make sure they are still being done. Sounds familiar? That is definitely not a good approach. It should be the other way around. Yorokobi alerts you when a backup didn't go as planned. You don't need to be bothered when they do.

Always available to help you.

We are happy to help you any time you need. We try to be responsive.

Visit our Help section to get support and contact us.

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