Setup the Agent

Assuming you already installed the agent your next step is to configure it to begin performing backups.

Run yorokobi setup from your terminal and enter your license key.

You can find your license from your account page. If you haven't sign up yet you can choose a plan that best suits you. All plans have a free 30-day trial.

$ yorokobi setup
Welcome to Yorokobi. 
For more information please visit

Enter your License Key below:

Success. Your license key worked fine :-)      

Enter your PostgreSQL username which is typically postgres and your PostgreSQL password.

If the agent is running in the same machine where PostgreSQL is running skip this step and use the default settings.

If you are unsure in which port PostgreSQL is running skip this step. If you have any problem connecting you can check the port listed in your pg_hba.conf file.

PostgreSQL Username: postgres
PostgreSQL Password: ******

Optional. Leave blank if you are unsure.
PostgreSQL Host [localhost]:

Optional. Leave blank if you are unsure.
PostgreSQL Port [5432]:

If the connection succeeds you will see a list of all your databases.

You can select to backup all your databases at once or the ones you want. When you are done, save your settings to finish the setup.

Please wait, attempting to connect to your server...
Success. Select which databases to backup. 

Move with UP and DOWN keywords. 
Press SPACE to select and uncheck and ENTER to continue.

[ x ] All databases
[   ] database1
[   ] second_database

Save settings? [y/N]
All set! Enjoy some peace of mind. Your backups will begin soon. 

That's it. Your backups will begin shortly. Run yorokobi status to see the status of your first backup. Your new backup will be listed in your Yorokobi dashboard.

Agent Usage

Run yorokobi to see a list of all available commands.

$ yorokobi
Usage: yorokobi [OPTIONS] COMMAND [ARGS]...

  --help  Show this message and exit.

  backup      Initiate a backup request.
  setup       Configure the agent or show its status.
  status      Get the status of the agent.
  unregister  Unregister an agent.

Manual backups

You can perform manual backups anytime. Keep in mind that the agent will continue to perform your backups automatically on daily basis.

Run the following from your terminal:

$ yorokobi backup
Backup started. Visit your dashboard at to see its progress.

Backup status

To see the status of your agent run yorokobi status command from your terminal.

$ yorokobi status
The agent is running. Next backup is scheduled to run in 5 minutes.

If your see a similar message the agent is running correctly.

Unregister Agent

Every plan has a maximum number of agents. If you are no longer using an agent you can easily unregistered so you can release this slot to use it later.

To unregister an agent simply run from your terminal:

$ yorokobi unregister
The agent has been unregistered successfully.

Your backups will not be deleted and you can still access them from your Yorokobi dashboard until they expire.


The agent is not running

Run snap services to check the current status of the service.

$ snap services
Service          Startup  Current
yorokobi.daemon  enabled  active      

The serviceyorokobi.daemon should be active. If you see it inactive you can start it with:

$ sudo snap start yorokobi.daemon

Submit your issue

Is something not working as expected? Submit your bug, issue or suggestion.

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Feel free to explore the code, fork the agent and submit your contribution to our Github repository.