Get the Agent

The agent performs backups automatically and transfer them to Yorokobi. It is normally installed in the machine where your database is running.

Run the following from your terminal:

$ sudo snap install yorokobi --edge
$ snap connect yorokobi:mount-observe
$ snap connect yorokobi:process-control

Snap is also available in other Linux distributions.

This installation assumes you have python3 ,pip3 and git installed.

Begin by creating an isolated python environment.

$ python3 -m virtualenv python-env
$ source python-env/bin/activate

Clone the repository from Github and install it.

$ git clone
$ cd agent
$ python install

Setup the agent to run as a service.

$ sudo ln -sr ../python-env/bin/yorokobid /usr/bin/yorokobid
$ sudo cp extras/yorokobi.service /etc/systemd/system

Enable the service to start automatically when the system starts.

$ sudo systemctl enable yorokobi

Start the service.

$ sudo systemctl start yorokobi

By default the configuration file is located in /etc/yorokobi.conf and the logs are located in /var/log/yorokobi.log.

Getting Started

To begin simply run yorokobi setup and follow the steps on screen.

$ yorokobi setup
Welcome to Yorokobi. 
For more information please visit

Enter your License Key below:


Your backups will start shortly after. Learn more about the Yorokobi Agent.